The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course is designed to train healthcare professionals in basic emergency lifesaving procedures and also provides them with an accredited EMT certification. This paramedic course encourages EMT training in India and helps healthcare professionals to develop the necessary skills needed to be applied on the scene of an accident or injury & en-route to the hospital to promote outcome of speedy recovery. The EMT Basic Level – I (2 months) training program prepares professionals to get necessary skills and training to respond in basic emergency lifesaving situations.


EMTs have a wide a range of career opportunities in the healthcare sector and can easily climb up the ladder of better opportunities with relevant experience and expertise. You will start your career as a Trained EMT, and with relevant clinical competence become an Instructor / Supervisor to Manager / QA specialist, and will finally acquire the role of a Sr. Technical Officer (India & Overseas).


We at 3E India Skill Academy feel extremely privileged to provide the much needed skilled healthcare workforce to the industry. With more than 1300+ placement partners, we are one of the most preferred choices of top healthcare brands in India. With holistic healthcare services, 3E India Skill Academy is working with an array of placement partners including Hospitals, Ambulance Service Providers, Diagnostic Centres, Corporates, Nursing Homes, Aviation Companies, Tertiary Eye Care Hospitals, Ophthalmic Clinics, Optical Retail Outlets, Tertiary Care Hospitals etc. Our placement partners are an integral part of our training system and it is their invaluable feedbacks on curriculum that helps us improve our course structures as per industry requirements.