3E India Skill Academy is a leading healthcare education and training company. It offers a wide range of educational and training programs including career training, health & safety, and emergency life support.

Our programs are uniquely designed to give the participants knowledge as well as practical skills essential for success in real world situations.

While the healthcare industry is growing rapidly in India and around the world, it faces a critical challenge i.e. the need for a professional and skilled workforce. 3E India Skill Academy is leading the way through solutions such as high quality programs, technology innovations, and innovative partnerships with industry.
3E India Skill Academy is your partner for career development. With over a dozen programs on offer, 3E India Skill Academy provides many options to prepare you for a long term career in the healthcare industry. Our programs offer theory, simulation, and practical skills to help you succeed in the real world of healthcare. Choose amongst our many options and embark on a path to a fulfilling career.

Our Mission

Enabling Education and Employment, our mission is to promote a fully comprehensive learning environment that brings together people and ideas, changing lives, and helping expand the frontiers of academic thought and influence business practice through manage

Our Vision

The vision of the establishment is to build on the track record set by India in the field of Management and Paramedical and to play a key role in the society, with a focus on education and employment building a skilled manpower pool for global healthcare industry requirements.